Cord_on_Blue.jpg (17971 bytes)

Cord on Blue

dreams.jpg (40918 bytes)

Pieces of a Dream

hearts_afire.jpg (39540 bytes)

Hearts Afire

floral collage quilt.jpg (175443 bytes)

Floral Collage

LorettaAlvarado-blue-5356.jpg (234427 bytes)

Blue Streaks

I've got the blues.jpg (18969 bytes)

I've Got the Blues

LorettaAlvarado-red-vase.jpg (178436 bytes)

Red Vase

LorettaAlvarado-gold-5373.jpg (247637 bytes)

Golden Sunrise

LorettaAlvarado-red-vase-small.jpg (175712 bytes)

Small Red Vase



Description Size Price
Cord on Blue 12"x12" $150
Pieces of a Dream 30"x42" $1200
Hearts Afire 30"x42" $1200
I've Got the Blues   NFS
Floral Collage   Sold

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