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Piano Piece

This piece was created especially for an exhibit at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, California for their 2009 production of the play "Two Pianos, Four Hands."

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Jazz Piano

Do_I_have_to_practice_now.jpg (16780 bytes)

Do I Have to Practice Now?

in_the_pits.jpg (11449 bytes)

In the Pits

music_collage.jpg (99660 bytes)

Collaged lap quilt

with_a_song_in_my_heart.jpg (28664 bytes)

With a Song In My Heart

everythings_coming_up_roses.jpg (20233 bytes)

Everything's Coming Up Roses

violin.jpg (93157 bytes)


red violin.jpg (159720 bytes)

Red Violin

rock guitar.jpg (83016 bytes)

Rock Guitar

tickling the ivories.jpg (40875 bytes)

Tickling the Ivories

guitar.jpg (319899 bytes)

Patchwork Blues

HeartStrings-10inch.jpg (502991 bytes)

Heart Strings

RedViolinII.jpg (370928 bytes)

Red Violin II

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Description Size Price
Jazz Piano 12"x12" sold
Do I Have to Practice Now?  40"x46" sold
In the Pits   $1,800
Collaged lap quilt   sold
With a Song In My Heart 42"x38" $575
Everything's Coming Up Roses    $1,800
Violin   sold
Red Violin 12"x12" sold
Rock Guitar 12"x12" sold
Tickling the Ivories   $175
Piano Piece 48"x60" $5,000
Heart Strings 20"x20" $750
Red Violin II 18"x30" $2500


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