Mirror - Mirror

This self-portrait was originally created as an entry for the Quilt Visions competition in 2008. Unfortunately, my piece did not make the cut. And, for this piece, I was more happy about just creating it. 

I found this photograph that was taken of me when I was 7 years old. It was the day that my hair was cut, so this photo was taken as a memorial of my hair. Some years ago, an artist friend saw the photo and suggested that I make it into a quilt and add my current face looking out the window. When I rediscovered the photo, I decided it was time to make this quilt.

Click on any of the images for a much larger view.


orig photo.jpg (178237 bytes)

This is the scanned original photograph. Note the date at the top.

background.jpg (243724 bytes)

Here is the stucco wall that has been quilted.

floor.jpg (238198 bytes)

I liked this gray fabric for the concrete even though it was darker than the photo.

window-background.jpg (465517 bytes)

Here's the wall, concrete, and the background for the window. I just used a matte black for the window background. The window will later be covered with netting to look like a screen.

pattern.jpg (171749 bytes)

This is the beginning of work on the hair. On the left is the blowup to the full quilt size of the photo. On the right are all the black fabrics used for the hair.

legs.jpg (125543 bytes)

Here's a close up view of the legs. You can see the shading I did on the fabric on the right. I used a paste type of stencil paint and very very lightly added shading.

hair1.jpg (171695 bytes)

This is the hair in progress. Note the variety of black, and dark gray fabrics. I used several different fabrics, like satins, all with some shine to them.

hair2.jpg (172041 bytes)

This view shows the hair being placed from the top of the head working down.

hair3.jpg (179546 bytes)

This shows the hair almost done.

hair4.jpg (165342 bytes)

And here is the hair all in place with the head band. I kept the pattern in view as I worked on the piece.
feet.jpg (118871 bytes) Close up of the shoes and socks.

shoe.jpg (182666 bytes)

Close up of the shoe before ironing it down.

face-in-window.jpg (236273 bytes)

This shows the placement of the appliqué of me as a child in relation to my adult face in the window. The window screen has not been sewn in yet.

mirrorfull.jpg (501412 bytes)

And, here is the finished quilt.

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