Soft Rocks

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Rocky Road


Rock Pile River Rocks


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Rock Garden


Heart of Stone


Stepping Stones



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My “Soft Rock” series stems from an exploration of the felting process. While earlier felted works consisted of highly detailed, true-to-life sculptures, these rocks are simple in shape allowing me to investigate their form and function more fully. As my hands form each piece of fiber into the semblance of a rock, I imbue each rock with its own individuality, whether by its shape, size, texture, or colors. Sometimes, I allow the fiber to dictate the final form. Other times, I exert more control over the materials to create exactly the look I want.

Each of the pieces in this series is inspired by a phrase or common saying containing some reference to the words “rock” or “stone.” Then, from those words, I arrange the fiber rocks to express the meaning, often in an unexpected way.

While my work can be seen as minimalist, it is more of a contemplative experience with multiple layers of meaning: the hardness of wood contrasted with softness of fiber; a naturally hard object expressed in a soft fiber; an attempt to contain nature; the multiple meanings of each piece’s title; and the symbolism of the permanence of the rocks.

I’m very excited about this new twist on expressing my love of fiber art and the inclusion of other materials like wood. New ideas are almost constant and I feel like I’ve discovered new territory for exploration. It’s as if the work itself is gently guiding me as I wander down this pleasantly rocky path.


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